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The most advanced suite for Apple fans to retouch and enhance their images


Pixelmator is a photo editing software that is considered the most significant competition to the giant Photoshop. There are several differences that we can mention about both programs, but the most important one is the operating system that supports: Pixelmator is destined exclusively for Mac OSX technology. It includes the common tools that you can find in similar programs such as selection, retouching, navigation, painting and color correction tools.

In addition, it has GPU-powered image processing, a transparent head-up display UI to work more comfortably and other advanced tools. Pixelmator is a great alternative for those Apple lovers that want to have a specific program designed for them. However, it’s not completely free. So, as always, we recommend that you download the free trial version to check it out and afterwards, the full version. In any case, we can guarantee that Pixelmator is quite a complete suite that lets you work in a more comfortable and easy way. Although it’s not that complicated to use, you can achieve incredible and professional-looking results just with this program.

What this program includes

This photo editing software is really complete, and one of the reasons we say this is the high amount of tools that it includes. For example, Pixelmator has lots of layer styles such as quick color, beautiful gradients, the ability to add reflections or shadows and the ability to create outlines. You can also use its liquify tools such as the warp, bump, pinch or twirl tools. They’re just incredible, and they will quickly improve the quality of your pictures.

More than 40 tools for enhancing your images such as selecting, painting, retouching, cropping, typing and measuring ones

Pixelmator includes a very innovative tool: the Move Tool. It simply analyses the image that you want to improve or retouch and provides you with the most important adjustments to make the most of it. For example, you can distort it, edit any element or move it with just one click. It provides you with the options that it thinks you need at any time. The Move Tool has had a great improvement, especially for those who are not used to using these kinds of programs frequently.

As we mentioned above, this photo editing software includes the most common tools that any similar program should have. Then, you can select any part of the image, apply any color change, transform it, duplicate it, change stroke size and style, improve your images, repair them or add shapes, posterize, create web layouts and logos easily. In addition, it also stands out for having an advanced type tool which allows you to write messages in a very flashy way. For example, you can design your own headings, buttons or banners for a website. Use your imagination to create whatever you want!

Pixelmator 3.3 Features

Pixelmator includes the following features:

  • More than 40 tools for enhance your images such as selecting, painting, retouching, cropping, typing and measuring ones
  • Ability to integrate it with other iLife and Mac OS X apps like iPhoto
  • Core Image and Automator technologies are used
  • Convert your pictures into other formats easily
  • Correct your images color with its 16 color adjustment tools
  • More than 50 filters available
  • Auto Save feature so you won't lose anything you do
  • Ability to use advanced liquify tools such as warp, pinch, bump or twirl
  • The Move Tool is the smart tool that lets you distort, move or edit any element much more easily

If you want to read more about this download, feel free to do so on the developer’s website

System Requirements

If you want to download Pixelmator, we recommend that you check the minimum system requirements beforehand:

  • Operating System: OS X 10.8.5 or later
  • Size: 36.7 MB

free download


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